FightPlace – The Snake – Moe vs. Fabio (1920×1080) – 01:05:26

FightPlace - The Snake vs. Fabio

FightPlace – The Snake

He calls himself „the snake“ and he meets Fabio today. There is talk of Moe who challenged Fabio for a revenge match. The little fighting dwarf doesn´t come over his last lost match. Fabio laughs above this challenge and is confident of victory. Fabio is quite strong what he had proven during his fights at Fightplace. But if you know Moe you have recognized that Fabio has to stand a tough and unbridled fighter. Many a man had a tough time with Moe. And so it is a hard fighting action from the beginning on. A good and balanced fight. Both fighter can score with chokeholds, scissors or combinations. Moe starts wedgie attacks and mean action quite early to humiliate his opponent. But when Fabio is in his power position, schoolboypin he exploits it for muscle riding and other little games. Much to his chagrin Fabio is quite heavier than the dainty Moe and badgers him a lot. Fabio knows no mercy when it come to victory poses. He loves to hold his opponent and enjoys his power and dominance. But Moe is toughs and withstands those agonies. He tries to free himself by hair and trousers pulling or ballgrabs. The fight gets harder and the final decision is not clear. Noe Moe can show his power dominance. He tramples on Fabio, works n his nose, pushes him into a corner of the ring. Trapped in a schoolboypin nearly falling out of the ring Fabio has to surrender in this round. But the fight goes into the next round and Fabio takes revenge for Moes mean action before. He grabs his hair and nose to finish him. Is Moe able to defeat the bigger opponent this time?

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FightPlace - The Snake


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