FightPlace Wrestling – King in the Ring – Michi vs. Wladi (1920 x 1080) – 00:55:35

FightPlace Wrestling - King in the Ring - Michi vs. Wladi

FightPlace – King in the Ring

Today Michi (18) meets his idol Wladi to have a training session with him. Very upset he waits together with Fabio in the clubroom. Than Wladi, the unbeaten champion of Fightplace appears. Michi is totally delighted and gazes in amazement at his big hero. Actually Wladi wants to start the training with his fan. But something intervenes and it doesn´t turn out as expected. The something is Tibet who strolls without greeting through the clubroom towards the boxing ring. This arrogant attitude is something Wladi does not like at all. And how long has Tibet not been at the training? Really a long time. Does he want to challenge Wladi for his title? Didn´t he try to do that some time ago already? That has been some years ago. Wladi follows his rival and a confrontation is inevitable. The training session with Michi is cancelled for now. Wladi has to look after something more important. He has to show Tibet, his contender, who is the king in the ring. Michi is totally in a flap. He can´t have his training session but joins live a fight about fame and honor. And about the title defense strongest man at Fightplace. Es expected they don´t treat each other very kid-gloved. When such strong and unbridled fighter attack each other the sparks will fly and sweat comes from all pores. Not only their clothes are hot even the air is on fire. Since both guys are very experienced fighters they know every trick and are not intimidated by ballgrabs or wedgies. This rather motivates them for new mean action. To name only a few: muscle riding, nipple, feed, boxing, kicks. Do we see a new “King in the Ring” at the end or stays Wladi the unbeaten champion?

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video - King in the Ring (wrestling)


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