Fightplace Wrestling – Pit Stop

Fightplace - Pit Stop

If there is only one gas pump working at the filling station, two guys can get in trouble. The little station in the Harz Mountains becomes the location of a contention between Patty and Knut. Both of them need to fill their vehicles with gas and arrived at the same time to the same pump. Patty with his car and Knut with his motorcycle. But who could fuel first. Of course this question has to answered in a fight. There is a little grassland, which is perfect for this decision. Knut, who is wearing his leather riding suit is heating up very fast, because the temperature amounts up to 28°C. Whereas Patty is just wearing his sport dress, which includes short trousers and a shirt, which he uses to train. But Knut doesn’t care. After he undressed his heavy jacket and his helmet, he starts to fight. But today Knut fights in a total different way then before, because he always shows Patty that he isn’t a loser. He brings Patty to his border and forces him to give up for several times. The old Knut is back with all his power and agility. He is able to use nasty tricks with help him to get of difficult graps. Of course Patty knows he to reverse. So we can see many Ballgrabs, Nipple-Twister and Wedgies, which let the trousers rip. And of course we see the Knut, who we loved in the first movies. It’s lots of fun to watch these guys fight.

Fightplace Wrestling - Pit Stop.


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