Film911 – Mike & Dr Smith (1920×1080) – 00:17:05

Film911 - Mike & Dr Smith

Scene 1

Mike is wearing dress shirt, tie and dress pants.
Dr Smith greets Mike as he walks in, and tells Mike to take a seat. Dr Smith gets some forms for Mike to fill out and hands them to him. Dr Smith asks if Mike wants some water while he fills out forms, and Mike replies no thanks. Dr Smith says he’ll be right back, Dr Smith goes to room and pours chloroform into a rag. (Closer shot) Mike filling out paper as Dr Smith sneaks behind Mike. He chloroforms Mike with rag. Mike struggles, after a few moments his eyes rolls back and he closes his eyes. Dr Smith begins rubbing Mike chest, feeling his body through his shirt. Then fondles Mike chin, neck and cheeks. In bedroom Dr Smith lays Mike down on his lap and untuckes his shirt to expose chest. He fondles chest, nipples and abs. (Medium shot) Dr Smith kneels down and sits Mike up. He loosen tie and pulls shirt up to fondle his nipples and belly button. Mike wakes up confused, asks what’s going on, where is he? Dr Smith rubs his shoulders and tells him everything is okay. Dr Smith tightens neck tie and chokes Mike. Mike tries to fight off the attacker but is too weak to break Dr Smith’s grip. Mike slowly passes out. Dr Smith gentle lays Mike down and removes tie. Then he unbuttons shirt and fondles nipple, chest and abs. Dr Smith puts head on chest to listen to heartbeat and doesn’t hear anything. He does CPR and gives him mouth to mouth. After a few attempts Mike comes back around. (Medium close) Dr Smith lifts Mike head and covers mouth with rag of chloroform. Mike struggles to stay up but slowly eyes roll back and closes them. Dr Smith gently rocks Mike head side to side and caressing his face. (Wide shot) Dr Smith fondles Mike belly button and unbuttons his pants. Dr Smith removes shoes, socks and pants leaving Mike in his unbutton shirt and underwear. Dr Smith fondles every inch on Mike’s body He starts with his feet, and moves up to legs, bellybutton, abs, ribs, arms then licks and kisses stomach and chest. Dr Smith kneels and sits Mike up. He removes Mike shirt and takes both hands to rub his chest, abs, and nipples. Dr Smith checks neck for pulse on neck and doesn’t feel one. He lays Mike down, and performs CPR and mouth to mouth. After a few rounds Mike wakes up. Dr Smith gets rag of chloroform and Mike tries to push Dr Smith off him but his arms drop limp as he falls asleep. Dr Smith kisses Mike chest and massages neck and says he can do this all day…

Scene 2

Mike wearing t-shirt and shorts
We see Mike in Dr Smith bedroom looking for something. He finds Dr Smith’s wallet and takes some cash and leaves. Dr Smith is background nodding his head in disappointment. In living room Mike is lifting weights and Dr Smith comes in. Mike says he has some good news he can pay the rent. Dr Smith says he thought Mike was still looking for job, what did he do rob a bank? Mike stops lifting weights then laughs saying can you imagine me robbing a bank? He called his parents for some cash. Dr Smith walks behind Mike and chloroform him with rag. Mike tries to resist, but after a few seconds he becomes woozy. Dr Smith maintains rag over Mike’s mouth as he brings Mike down to the floor. (Medium close) Dr Smith is kneeling while Mike is sitting up. Mike struggles to stay awake and eventually his eyes rolls back and he closes them while his head tilts to one side. Dr Smith removes his shirt and fondles his body. Dr Smith decides to punish Mike. He gives Mike ECT. When he’s awake defibrillates him. Then when Mike flat lines performs mouth to mouth and AED, feels him up,until he wakes up only to be knocked out again. Finally tortures him with heart shocks.

Dr Smith asks Mike how many times he stole from him while Mike apologies and begs for his life.

Scene 3

Dr Smith tells Mike to do 10 push-ups. Whens he’s done Dr Smith tells Mike to stand up and to remove t-shirt. Dr Smith fondles Mike chest.

Then Dr Smith tells Mike to do 10 jumping jacks, after he’s done. Dr Smith tells Mike to flex his arms and fondles his shoulders and biceps.
Finally, Dr Smith tells Mike to run in place, after few seconds tells him to stop. Dr Smith tells Mike to remove his shorts leaving him in his underwear…

Film 911 - Mike and Dr Smith- HD video


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