MuscleBoyWrestling – Ryan Sparks Vs. Alex Costa (1280×720) – 00:25:37

MuscleBoyWrestling - Ryan Sparks Vs. Alex Costa

Massive muscle vs Massive Muscle! Stoic bodybuilder Ryan Sparks takes on hot-headed Alex Costa and their wrestling styles could not be more different. Alex is all rage and preening, whereas Ryan is pure quiet strength. Both of these behemoths clearly revel in beating each other up. Both are stripped down to their jockstraps and are groping and kissing each other while also beating the crap out of one another. In the end, both end up spent and sweaty face up on the mat. Their bro fist bump toward the end is worth the price of admission!

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Format: MPEG-4
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Muscle Boy Wrestling - bodybuilder Ryan Sparks Vs Alex Costa


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