ThundersArena – Bear vs Angel – Battlespace 70 (1280×720) – 00:19:49

ThundersArena - Bear vs Angel - Battlespace 70

Video: ThundersArena – Bear vs Angel – Battlespace part 70

Angel is looking big, but leaner and better than ever. Despite his small size, the former state wrestling champ has put down some pretty big dudes. While big, beefy Bear takes a nap on the couch, Angel does some posing. Angel gives Bear a kick in the chest, claiming that his snoring is bothering him. Bear is used to manhandling little guys who dont show him respect, so he puts Angel in a crushing bear hug to display his power , then sits on Angels chest. Angel keeps taunting the big beast, telling Bear he needs to join weight watchers. Bear dishes out some more punishment with an upside down bear hug and over the knee backbreaker which leave Angel screaming in pain. Enjoying his domination of the little guy, Bear tells him: Welcome to the Bear cave…